Friday, December 3, 2010

Topps Chrome Mutant set

Pending me getting off my duff and sending all the miscut cards from my two boxes of 2010 Topps Chrome in to be replaced (and them actually being replaced with non miscut cards) I will be pretty close to the set. This is just an assumption, but I am fairly certain I am near completion.

But closer to my heart is a mutant set of Topps Chrome. I have to do something with all those refractors, and checkerfractors, and the rainbow of fractors that you end up with, orange, red, blue, purple and gold. I don't have any red refractors for my set, the only red refractor I pulled in my two boxes as a T206 Austin Jackson Chrome Red. Which is a pretty nice pull, as it is numbered to 25.

The cards I have:
(c)=checkerboard refractor (what else do you call them? Superfractors? Sortasuperfractors?)
(p)=purple /599
(g)=gold /50
(b)=blue /199

2, Lee (c)
3. Kershaw (o)
4, Abreu (o)
5, Cueto (o)
6, Fowler (r)
7, Mantle (c)
12, Martinez (c)
13, Porcello (r)
15, Scutaro (p)
16, Kendrick (o)
25, Gonzalez (o)
28, Griffey Jr, (o)
29, Happ (r)
36, Beckham (o)
38, Ichiro (r)
41, Sanchez (c)
45, Figgins (r)
48, Upton (p)
50, Mauer (r)
51, Wells (c)
54, Phillips (p)
57, Hamilton (r)
59, Lind (r)
64, Halladay (r)
72, Price (o)
73, Berkman (o)
74, Ethier (o)
77, Iwamura (o)
79, Jurrjens (o)
85, Youklis (c)
86, Utley (c)
87, Andrus (r)
90, Rios (r)
92, Hernandez (p)
94, Fukudome (o)
96, Cruz (g)
97, Hochevar (o)
99, Carpenter (r)
101, Pena (o)
102, Peavy (c)
103, Lopez (p)
106, Ellsbury (p)
113, Kiroda (c)
118, Cain (c)
120, Santana (c)
121, Oswalt (p)
124, Soto (r)
129, Haren (o)
130, Matsuzaka (r)
131, Bourn, (o)
133, Quinten (r)
134, Verlander (r)
139, Reyes (c)
140, Uehara (c)
141, Longoria (r)
142, Buehrle (r)
143, Tulowitzki (r)
144, Rodriguez (p)
146, Choo, (c)
147, Reynolds (o)
154, Gordon (o)
155, Napoli (c)
156, Carbrera (r)
157, Sizemore (p)
160, Floyd (c)
161, Molina (r)
162, McLouth (o)
163, Uggla (r)
164, Pence (r)
169, Garza (p)
175, Sizemore (b)
179, Ely (o)
180, Donald (b)
181, Colvin (au)
183, Rogers (o)
184, Davis (c)
186, Gilespie (au)
187, Hughes (o)
189, Ramos (r)
190, Stanton (r)
191, Donaldson (o)
193, Zadadzki (r)
194, Valdez (c)
197, Hicks, (c)
203, English (o)
206, McCoy (au)
208, Texeira (au)
210, Matusz (r)
212, Strasburg (o)
214, Nova (o)
217, Takashaski (r)
218, Oliver (b)
219, Stubbs (r)
220, Davis (r)

94/220 42%
I like the checkboard-fractors, the regular refractors, the blue, red, purple, orange and gold, in that general order. The golds may only be numbered to 50, but they are kind of ugly. I will post some doubles if anyone is after any refractors. If anyone wants an orange something and can trade a refractor of the same player, I would probably consider it. That goes of the rest as well.

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  1. That's a pretty cool idea. It would cost a mint to build a set or sets of the various colors.
    Is that Jackson for trade?