Thursday, April 15, 2010

'70s Sox

After rediscovering my affection for cardboard, and becoming thoroughly addicted to the siren song of the card aisle, I started reading the various baseball card blogs out there, including the ones listed at right, some of my favorites.

I collected a handful of players back in my formative years, including David Justice, among others. Buying cards was fun, but I felt unfocused, and stacks of cards accumulated quickly.

And then, reading the various blogs, it came to me. Collect a card from every player ever to wear a Red Sox uniform. All the way back to Speaker and Duffy.

But where to start? I have a stack of 20k boxes at my parents house in Arizona, which covers the '80s and early 1990s, so those decades are up in the air until I get the cards back. So how about the '70s!

The front of a 1971 Rico Petrocelli. Interesting how the name is not capitalized. Rico had some good years in Boston, including 1969, when he hit .297 with 40 homers. He tailed off at the end of his career, ending with a career line that includes 1553 games, 1352 hits, 773 RBIs, 210 home runs and an average of .251. It looks like Rico has a good ol' plug in his jaw, too.

The back. I like the first year box.

Wait, you say, that is a '71 card. Where is the 1970 card?

This is about the Red Sox of the 1970s, not the cards of the 1970s. A card from 1970 is of a player and his stats from 1969, thus goes in the 1960s section of the binder.

Yaz, on the psychedelic tombstone, 1972 Topps.

Look at the numbers thus far into his career. Yaz might be the best Red Sox player ever, because as far as I know, he wasn't a prick, like the guy normally associated with being the best hitter ever. 19 freaking '67. Clutch, too, witness the last 2 games of the season to clinch the pennant. He went 6 for 8 or something outlandish like that. Awesome. This card is awesome, too.

I like this card. I like how happy Luis Tiant looks. I like the 1973 design, too. Luis Clemente Tiant won 15, 20, 22, 18, 21 between '72 and '76.

The cartoon is awesome. I also like how Topps includes his Mexican League stats too. Pretty sweet.

A 1974 Rogelio Moret was the oldest card in my collection for a while, so maybe that is why the 1974 design screams "generic old baseball card" design to me. I like it. Simple and clean. And this one is great because it features Bill "Spaceman" Lee. I read his book when I was a kid. I don't think I was supposed to, but my parents left it laying around, so I grabbed it and read it.

The back of a 1974 Topps. Dig that cartoon. Not sure it would fly today.

1975. Perhaps the most iconic Topps set of my almost lifetime. (1974 was the year before I was born). I had a bunch of '75 reprint things when I was a kid, so this is a set that lives in my heart as well. Some of the color combos are pretty far out there. This miscut beaut features 1975 World Series game 3 hero Bernardo Carbo.

The back of a 1975 card.

Another Bill Lee card, a 1976 this time. I run hot and cold on the '76 cards. The clip art pitcher that works so well in 1973 comes up short in 1976, and all the cards (at least all the ones I have seen) are Red and Yellow. I like the action shots in the set, but there is an awfull lot of shadow on Mr. Lees face. I don't like that.

Good ol' Jim O'Rourke.

There you have a few cards from the first half or so of the 1970s.

And below you will find a want list of players I need to complete my '70s collection by years played (not by card years.)

Luis Alvarado, 1968-1970
Kim Andrew, 1975
Ramon Aviles, 1977
Jack Baker, 1976-1977
Steve Barr, 1974-1975
Tim Blackwell, 1974-1975
Sam Bowen, 1977-1980
Danny Cater, 1972-1974
Lance Clemons, 1974
Dave Coleman, 1977
Tony Conigliaro, 1974-1970, 1975
Vic Correll, 1972
Ray Culp, 1968-1973
Mike Derrick, 1970
Bob Didier, 1974
Carmen Fanzone, 1970
Bob Gallagher, 1972
Chuck Goggin, 1974
Garry Hancock, 1978-1982
Chuck Hartenstein, 1970
Beb Heise, 1975-1976
Tommy Helms, 1977
Ramon Hernandez, 1977
Buddy Hunter, 1971-1975
Ray Jarvis, 1969-1970
Rick Jones, 1976
Duane Josephson, 1971-1972
Cal Koonce, 1970-1971
Andy Kosco, 1972
Lew Krausse, 1972
Rick Kreuger, 1975-1977
Joe Lahoud, 1968-1971
Joh Larose, 1978
Sparky Lyle, 1967-1971
Andy Merchant, 1975-1976
Jerry Moses, 1965-1970
Stan Papi, 1979-1980
Ed Phillips, 1970
Win Remmerswaal, 1979-1980
Vincente Romo, 1969-1970
Jose Santiago, 1966-1970
Dick Schofield, 1969-1970
Craig Skok, 1973
Bobby Sprowl, 1978
Lee Stange, 1966-1970
John Tudor, 1979-1983
Ernie Whitt, 1976
Stan Williams, 1972

The above list is from the Red Sox site, which has a few holes- they miss a few players here and there. Note that I have cards of several of the players above from the 1960s, but I want a card a decade, like Sparky Lyle. I have a couple 1960s Sparkys, but I don't have that 1971 card of his.

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