Friday, April 9, 2010

Introducing the San Toy Legends...

San Toy is a ghost town in southeast Ohio, a few miles southeast of Crooksville.

I visited once, and was even made semi-famous in the lead of the resulting story. Here is another story with some cool pictures. So Legends is a good name for a team hailing from a ghost town full of legends. At least I think so.

So without further ado, my team.

Catcher: Molina, StL
OF: Sizemore, Cleveland
OF: Holliday, StL
OF: Upton, Az
OF: Lind, Tor
3B: Gordon, KC
SS: Cedeno, Pitt
A note about Cedeno. I pulled a Jeter All Star SP or insert or whatever the hell it is. And I ain't usin' it. Not because of Thorzul's rant, but because I hate him. I can't stand the &#%@ Yankees, and I really can't stand Jeter. Send him to Pittsburgh and see if they call him "the Captain." Fuck Derek Jeter.
2B: Jose Lopez, Sea
1B: Morneau, Minn

The rest and the staff, or most of it. Yes, I know some of them are on the DL. What the hell else am I supposed to do?

2B: Kinsler, Tex
3B: Zimmerman, DC
P: Matsuzaka, Bos
P: Pinero, StL
P: Liriano, Min
P: Rivera, NYY

Another note. As noted before, I hate the Yankees. But having Rivera on my team does not make me a hypocrite. First, Rivera is really, really good. And second, the Red Sox beat him in one of the biggest games of his career. He didn't get the loss, but still... the Sox knocked him around a bit, to the tune of 2 runs.

P: Verlander, Det
P: Lee, Sea

3B: Wright, NYM

P: Wainwright, StL
C: Posey, SF

I understand he is in the minors, but I pulled 3 catchers, and two were rookies sent to the minors. So Posey gets the backup nod.

I don't know if all the players get played at once or your have to choose starters. I guess I ott fine out.

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