Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blue Back

I am building the 2010 Topps set, including all the inserts, etc. The one that will be most problematic, I predict, will be the Red Backs, as they are Target exclusives, and the nearest Target is 40+ miles away. But there are 3 wally worlds in my sphere of influence, so getting the Blue Backs shouldn't be THAT hard. I guess.

I like the cards, but I find it sort of ironic (I guess ironic is the word, or maybe the phrase 'sort of dumb') that Ichiro's, a guy known for the slap hit, and probably better for beating out a bunt than hittin a home run, is the bunt card, but the blurb mentions that he tied the hits record for a Japanese player with a grand slam.

Anyway, I am up to four or five minis. Fun.

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