Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Warning

Danger, Topps Million fans!

So I get a nice email from Steve hoping to trade for the 1962 Robin Roberts card I redeemed from the Topps Million contest. Sure, I say, we can work something out, since he is a vintage guy, and I don't really have any particular affection for Mr. Roberts.

We work out that he is going to help with some 2010 inserts I need and online trade me a 1966 Jose Santiago for my Red Sox collection. Hall of Famer for journeyman.

I initiate the deal, and a while later I get an email from Steve asking if I had cancelled the trade. I look at my online collection, and sure enough, Roberts is gone, and Santiago is in its place.

Damn. Bottom line, you don't know who you are trading with, a serious flaw in the system. Someone else who pulled a 1966 Jose Santiago got the Roberts. Steve contacted Topps, who doesn't want to hear it, so I dropped them a line. I doubt anything will come of it.

If you want the card, pay the 2 bucks and have it shipped, THEN do the trade.

I feel like a chump. And I am sure looking at Beckett will make me feel even worse.

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