Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog Bat Around: 50k on Ebay

Being somewhat of an Ebay addict (hey, no true card shops in town) I figured I would take part in the Blog Bat Around held by Sports Cards Uncensored. The topic? $50,000 and 15 minutes on ebay, what cards/memorabilia would you buy with the money?

Being ever practical, I figured I would fill in some, er, gaps in my Red Sox collection: (all prices Buy it Now price).

1914 Cracker Jack Joe Wood, $2950

Yaz rookie, $449
1934 Goudy, $350
1911 Turkey Red, $900
Ted Williams 1939 Play Ball, $1500

1888 Goodwin Champions, $4800, because I really, really want an original Goodwin.

Ok. That was about 15 minutes of work or so, so lets add it up...

Wow. All I could muster was $10, 949? Man, who would have thought I would have had such trouble spending money?

It was a cool exercise, and great fun to look through the old cards out there. Next time, I would chase some good condition T206 and more obscure Tobacco cards, maybe even get a start on an original Obak set. So many little cardboard dreams out there.

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