Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Buggy Redemption

On the day I entered my second ever redemption, a Topps Red Hot Rookie (#3, by the way, whomever that is) my first ever redemption arrived in the mail.

One of the reason I bought Goodwin Champions was to get a bug redemption, and I pulled one in my second box. I was hoping for a big ol' scorpion, but as UD's troubles became known, I honestly doubted I would ever get a bug card.

And when I stopped home to say goodnight to my kids this evening, a package was waiting. The mail had already come, so I was surprised. I don't even think redemption even registered until I had come back down stairs after putting my son to bed.

Sure enough, there it was, my bug card.

I showed my 3-year-old daughter, who is a big bug fan. She got all quiet and said "it's sleeping" and wanted to hold it. I let her, but I felt kind of sad. The Blue Brushfoot surely isn't sleeping, and we were not going to get to play with it tomorrow morning when it woke up. I felt kind of bad, actually, in a Holden Caulfield makes-no-sense kind of way. The poor bug had done nothing to anyone when it was caught and stuck in a bottle and killed, basically, so it could appear in my card. If it were a scorpion of Himalayian Flesh Eating Tick it wouldn't have been so bad, but butterflies don't do anyone any harm. I just hope they are not endangered or something.

The back of the card. Kind of classy, but the whole congratulations, I hope you enjoy is kind of lame. It should be a horizontal map and description. No one is going to doubt the authenticicity of a damn butterfly.
The card is thick. It came in a nice little protector, which was taped shut with scotch tape, which makes it look kind of dumb on display on my book case near my 1951 Bowman Vern Stephens.

It is a cool card. It should have been displayed with it's wings spread, and I kind of wish I had pulled a scorpion or something, but it is a pretty neat card none the less. Definatly unique.

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