Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homework Assignment from Thorzul

Thorzul demanded that everyone show him their cups. So here are mine.

As an aside, I don't know why I am listening to him, because of him I have a box full of wrappers that he told me to save last year, and then failed to tell us what the hell to do with them.

First up, my Red Sox cup. From the right field roof deck in 2005. Against the Orioles, which they won. It was my first time in Fenway since 1993 or so, and I was glad to be there.

The Sportflixy side, mid-flix. That is the World Series trophy showing through a touch. Damn straight.

Next up a tiny cup from a now-defunct minor league team. The Tucson Sidewinders were the Diamondbacks affiliate, and I went to a game when I went to see my parents in the early aughts. '04 maybe? David Eckstein was on rehab for the Las Vegas Stars, I think. I have a ticket stub somewhere.

Anyway, the Sidewinders no longer exist. Awesome logo.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, circa 2000. Not sure if it is from Circle K or a game. I saw them play a few times when I lived in FL from 1999-2002. Mostly went to see the Red Sox though. Saw Ripken's last game against the Rays. They gave him something, but I don't remember what it was. He went around and shook hands forever after the game.

A 1999 Texas Rangers cup that I got in 2000. The Charlotte Rangers were using it for their cup. They were an A-ball team in Port Charlotte where I worked. I shot a few games. Might have gotten it during 2000 spring training, since the Rangers trained there. Not sure.

I think I got this Indians cup in 2005 too. I was in town to photograph Jay Payton playing for either the Sox or As. Got their early and needed a drink, and ended up sticking the cup in my camera bag when it was done. Now it is full of change.

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