Friday, May 6, 2011

2/3 Box Break, '09 Ginter

I had a little walkin' around money a while back, so I got a box of 2009 Ginter. I have ripped an '07 and '08 box and I have the '10 set, so I figured why not fill the gap. Plus I could get some minis for my amalgamated ginter mini set.

Except all the minis I pulled kind of sucked. Geronimo is pretty cool, as is Negro Leaguer Frank Evans. He will find a spot in my set for sure. Probably. You never know. The fairy is cool, and a creature I don't have.

I ripped strategically so I could have 1/3 of the box for my son and guarantee a hit. The hit in the first column was third from the bottom. So was the hit from the second column. So I put the third column away. As I was finishing off the second column, out pops a printing plate.

Poop. Was that hit three, or a bonus? Will my son pull a relic/auto/rip in 10 years when we rip the rest of the box together? I hope so.

Relics of Carlos Quinten and Matt Holliday didn't really light my fire, but the Edison Volquez printing plate is pretty cool, I guess. It is the printing plate for a short print, which is kind of funny. It is only the second plate I have ever pulled. It is the black plate, complete with schmegma.

Anyway, I like the design of '09 Ginter, especially the minis. I will probably eventually see how close I am to the set sooner or later.

All of the above are for trade, except whatever fits in my Amalgamated Allen and Ginter Miniature Card Set.


  1. In my 2009 A&G boxes (I bought two), all 3 hits appeared in the exact manner as yours did: one in the first column and two in the second. The third column was air.

    So, now that I've killed the suspense: Hey, you never know!

  2. Hey Chris-

    I'd be interested in any minis/relics you don't want and would love to add the printing plate to my A&G collection. I have some Red Sox relics I could send you way. Drop me a line and we can line up another trade. Just let me know what numbers you have for the minis.