Sunday, February 21, 2010


I had some time to kill on Friday, and an itch to rip some packs (despite ripping an entire box of 2010 Topps earlier in the day) so I stopped at Wally World. I got some 2010 UD (with nothing of interest. At all) and a couple packs of US 2009-2010 UD Hockey. I intend to analyze some hockey photography sooner later.

But I also got a couple packs of Tristar Prospects. Because I really wanted to pull cards of kids I had never heard of. Actually, I used to really like Classic 4 Sport when I was a kid, and figured this would be kind of close.

They are pretty good looking cards. A couple nice strips of chrome, some color, and well done Photoshop jobs on the logos.

I wasn't really paying that much attention to what I pulled, until I came across a double player deal.

Donovan Tate, and Everett Williams, future Padres. Maybe. Tate was the third overall pick in 2009.

Matthew Hobgood, a future Oriole, fifth overall pick, Zachary Wheeler, a future Giant, 6th pick, Michael Minor, a future Brave, 7th pick, and Michael Leake, 8th pick, an perhaps a future Red. These are very chromy, which didn't scan worth a crap. The black part, staring with a triangle on the bottom going toward the top of the card and ending in a point, is all shiny silver. Also, the bar across the top, the part that is not red.

The second pack something funny appeared. The non-card of future National, Stephen Strasburg. Pretty cool. I guess ol' Boras wanted too much for Mr. Number 1 Pick to be photographed. Luckily for me, I came with a bit of a ding. Hooray for Walmart cashiers!

Then I went back through the previous packs and found I had pulled the number 2 pick, future Mariner Dustin Ackley. Your a prince, Ackley kid.

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  1. Those Strasburg sketches really are ridiculous.