Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Continued Cuffs

Let us see what Minty Beans has offered up today. Minty Beans is the "Old Timey" player on the front of the 2010 Allen and Ginter pack, as christened by Mr. Cardboard Junkie himself, and repeated by another blogger I read constantly, Mr. Night Owl.

To further expand on Mr. Minty Beans, his real name was Jakob Von Meintbeins. Of German descent, he played for the Ironspot Rapscallions of the obscure Ohio Valley League back in the 1890s. A true gentleman in a rough and tumble league, he was best known for his strong arm and blazing speed. He played second base for the also-ran Rapscallions, and was beloved by teammates and around the league for his strong play and leadership. Two days before he was scheduled to depart from nearby Roseville to try out for the Spiders of distant Cleveland, his career was tragically cut short in an accident at a local pottery factory, when his right hand was crushed in a press.

His career over, he settled down and raised a family, eventually fathering six and becoming mayor of the tiny burg shortly before his death in 1927. Town fathers briefly considered renaming Ironspot (just north of Roseville) Meintbeinsburg, but worried about people being able to spell it. The plan was quietly dropped in honor of a small statue, which was mistakenly destroyed when the pottery Meintbeins worked at was demolished after closing in the 1950s.

Too far? Probably. Here are some cards.

Pack III
38, Tiago Della Vega (0) worlds fastest guitar player.
194, Morgan, Wash, Nat'l. (0)

274, Markakis, Balt, Amer. (+2, FP)

284, Richardson, Bos, Amer. (+1, FT)

228, Utley, Phi, Nat'l. (+2, FP)

325, Gardner, Ny, Amer. (+2, SP, -1, NYA, +1)

Mini 260, Young, SD, Nat'l (0)

History 30, Matsui, Anaheim, Amer. (+1)

7 points.

Pack IV
99, Gatto, Juggler (should that be capitalized? Probably not) (0)
172, Desmond, Was, Nat'l (0)
274, Stewart, Col, Nat'l (0)
294, Posey, SF, Nat'l (0)

We've been hit! Brace youself!

Escobar, Atl, Nat'l, bat relic (+8)


43, Gallardo, Mil, Nat'l A&G back (+2)

History, Gonazlez, Col, Nat'l (+1)

My goodness! 11 points!

Pack V
140, Allen, Ari, Nat'l (0)
248, Marquis, Wash, Nat'l (0)
269, Burnett, NY, Amer (-1)
278, Francoeur, NY, Nat'l (0)
60, Davis, Tex, Amer, (0)

337, Nathan, Min, Amer, (+2, SP)


National Animal, Carabao (+2)

Arod (+1/-1, 0)

3 lousy points. Ick.

Pack VI
161, Durango, SD, Nat'l (0)
250, Ordonez, Det, Amer (0)
75, Werth, Phi, Nat'l (0)
66, Hudson, Min, Amer (0)

We are losing altitude! Save us, Minty Beans!

Nolasco, Fla, Nat'l auto (+5)

272, David Blaine, jerkwad. (0)

History, Gonazlez, SD, Nat'l (+1/+2)

8 points for pack VI.

Pack VII

56, Choo, Clev, Amer (0)
143, Posada, NY, Amer (-1)
292, Petit, Anaheim, Amer (0)
76, Soria, KC, Amer (0)

Brace for impact.

Relic, Kinsler, Tex, AL, Bat (+8)


NNO Ramirez, Chi, Nat'l (+10)

History, Hunter, LA, Amer (+1)

GrEaT GOogLey MoOgley! 18 points!

47 points in this lot.

total: 59, pending various commissioner rulings.

Ironspot is a real village, by the way.

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