Friday, July 2, 2010

The First Cuffing

I opened my first pack of 2010 A&G last night. Actually, I opened almost the whole box, because I have no self control.

The cards, in general order of rippage:

Kershaw, LAD, +2
Sheilds, TB
Laipply, dancer
Colvin, Chi (N)
Tulowitzki, Col

Johnson, AZ +2 (sp)

Greinke history +1

Condor, National Animal mini (Columbia) +2

We are in positive territory, depending on what that cabinet card of the Yankees costs me. Right now, we are at 6 points.

Pack II
Snider, Tor
Stewart, Pogoist
Carpenter, StL
Lowe, Atl
Rodriguez, Oak

Cahill, Oak +2 (sp)

Cabrera history +1

Falcon, National Animal, Iceland +2

Up to 12 points now. More Cuffing to come!

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