Friday, February 18, 2011

Epic Score!

So I get home from dropping my kids off this afternoon, a couple of '11 value packs in tow, and I take a look at the mail droppings for the day. One is an ebay win, the other a thin mailer that would be familiar to veterans of the redemption circuit.

So I open it up and a slip comes out with the card, which was not the card I was expecting. What I was expecting was a 1968 Brooks Robinson from the Million, or a '10 T206 Jeff Francis auto.

I pulled that from a blaster I split with my son. I would rather he got any hits, but I was glad I got the redemption, since it would be long expired by the time we opened it together. Nothing is worse than an expired redemption.

So out comes a card. I saw the name first, and wondered why someone was sending me a Clay Buchholz.

And then I saw the auto. So instead of a framed auto of Jeff Francis, who "has potential" I have a rookie auto of a bonafide #1 starter. On my favorite team.

Score, baby.

(yes, it is kind of an ugly card, and yes the Texan is kind of, well, unique looking, but still)


  1. Very cool! I personally like the 2008 design. It's not as nice as this year, but I still like it.

  2. Sweet ... hhhmmm I know someone that might like ugly card...