Friday, February 4, 2011

Hey! 2011 Topps is ok!

From a blaster at Wally Werld;

1 Diamond Giveaway (Pujols)
1 gold (Red Sox, woo hoo!)
1 Lost Cards
2 pre-Topps (Cobb, Wagner)
2 Diamond Duos
2 Topps 60 ( Zimmerman, Heyward)
3 Kimballs (Markakis, Buchholz and Latos)
3 Diamonds (Lindstrom, Hernandez, Marquis)
4 60 Years of Topps
10 Topps Town, which are pretty nice

Over all, not a bad product from what I have seen and held so far. I like the shiny shiny Diamond cards, and some of the reprints are ok too. The Kimbal cards are pretty sweet.

My wallet just groaned.

My real question though; to chase the set, does one buy an HTA box, or just keep going to WalKTarMart and pick up blasters, especially if one doesn't care about relics so much? Is it more fun to build the set blaster by blaster, or in one big chuck, by buying an HTA box?


  1. I think the cheapest way to go if your not worried about all the goodies is Jumbo Rack Packs. It works out to about 14 cents per card in Rack packs, 25 cents per card in Blasters, 19 cents (from current Blowout cards price $68.99) from a regualr Hobby box and 24 cents (also from curretn blowout prices $ 120.99) in a jumbo box. So rack backs right now your cheapest option but if prices fall, which I'm sure they will hobby will be your cheapest but not by much as if a hobby box get down to about 50 bucks that just under 14 cents per card, jumbo box down around a 100 bucks would be about 20 cents a card. JUmbo rack packs still hold up until box prices go under 50 bucks for regular hobby and under 80 bucks for jumbo. But you won't get that sweet patch card that comes in blasters, you might pull a relic or auto out of a rack pack though too. You never know.

  2. Okay, so this is more than a week later, but I have to agree with cynicalbuddha, go with the rack packs. Cheaper by the card overall. I managed to pull a Heyward auto from one of my racks, so the pulls are in there somewhere. I wouldn't expect to find a jersey though, because you know the manhandlers have their fingers all over those packs as soon as they can.