Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Braggin' about my Brooks Robinson

Got a mailer from Topps the other day, and as I opened it, I wondered just what shape my last Million Card redemption would look like. Would it be wrinkled and gnarly?

No! My 1968 Brooks Robinson All-Star is mint! Look at that bad boy!

Look at that corner! OMG! HC!* ROFL!**
I have always had a soft spot for Brooks, a guy who was more known for his glove than bat. To my teenage ears, he seemed to have a very dignified name. I was very pleased to get him as a redemption, but when he didn't come with the other crap I redeemed, I wondered if I would ever actually own a career-era Brooks Robinson.

The back features a wrist. Presumably part of a puzzle. Not so super exciting. I supposed I could look it up if I was feeling ambitious.

If someone were to offer to separate me from my Brooks, I would take great offense. But I might listen if were something awesome and Pedro-y.

No cheesburgers though.

*Holy Cow!
** I don't know any other textual abbreviations

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