Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Cards I Threw Out

So I open the cupboard where I have several stacks of cards waiting to be organized the other day, and a sort of funny feeling swept over me.

What the hell am I going to do with all these cards? I looked through some boxes; more unsorted cards. Cards of players I don't care about, on teams I don't like (a relative term, I only don't like one team, if that makes any sense. The rest I don't care about) of players I don't have any feelings about one way or another.

I grabbed a few stacks and brought them up stairs with the intent of sorting them out. The stacks I grabbed were mostly 1980s junk wax, plus some Bowman from the late 1990s.

I began to sort through them. And realized, what the hell am I looking for? I have all the Red Sox I need from 1989 Donruss. And I have all the hall of famers from 1989 Donruss.

So I picked up the stack, and walked over to the garbage can, and threw them out.

Boy did I feel guilty as I looked at those poor, innocent cards sitting there on top of a dirty diaper, the point of no return, garbage can wise.

I should have sent them to some poor kids in Africa that didn't have any baseball cards. Or I could have made a collage to decorate my son's wall. Or I could have given them to my son. He likes baseball cards. He is two, and not very discerning about that sort of thing.

But instead, I threw them out. I am a bad person.

Ah hell, who am I kidding? No one wants 1989 Donruss. No one.

Has anyone else lost patience organizing their collection and culled the stacks this way? Or am I really a bad person?

Because I have my eye on you, stack of 2008 Topps Heritage commons.

(on another note, does anyone want my stack of 2010 Heritage? Because I really don't want those cards...)


  1. I confess, I've done that too. I tried giving cards away that no one wanted so I figured the trash can was the next best place to go.

    When my wife was teaching 2nd grade I would give her the cards I didn't want for her classroom's "store". Now if I have 80's junk wax that I don't want I give them to my 1 1/2 year old daughter...she loves them!

  2. Same as you, Colbey, I'll give a few of them to my 2-year-old so she has something to do while I organize my cards. Usually, I give her my minor league cards before the MLB issues, but it's a good distraction for her to keep her away fromt he ones I do want to keep.

    I'll take any Heritage you're getting rid of. I spent so much money on Topps and Allen & Ginter last year, that I didn't pick any Heritage up.

  3. I have never thrown a card away. Not even one with 10 creases. When I moved I took all my cards that I wasn't keeping and gave them away but I never threw one out.

  4. Dude, I need 10 1989 Donruss to get my full set! So never assume!!!

  5. Don't throw away Heritage. I'm not collecting it, but if you're going to throw it out, I'll take it.

    The only cards that I've thrown out are moldy, disgusting ones that look like they're diseased. I've also thrown out a couple with 42 creases.